Where do you want to be in 3 years? 5 Years?

What can I expect if I become a Financial Planning client 

You will receive a welcome letter via email. Attached will be an intake form for you fill out as best you can.  It will include general information such as your address, assets, liabilities, pension or Social Security infomation..

  1. We will have an intial meeting regarding your financial situation and circumstances.  We will also discuss your risk tolerance, goals and plans and their priority in your life. The more information about your goals you advisor has the more you will benefit from the financial planning process.  
  2. From there I will begin to develop your financial plan which will include a projection of your current situation and a proposed scenario(s)  to contrast and compare our recommendations and goals you would like to achieve to your current circumstances.    
  3. In the next meeting I will share with you the analysis we have made and the probability of reaching each goal. 
  4. Our final meeting will be a presentation of your plan and our recommendations needed to achieve your plans.
  5. Then every 6 months or year we wil review that status of your goals.